Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Perfect Little Plan by Jennifer Miller Review

Perfect Little Plan 
Jennifer Miller
a Pretty Little Lies Novel

Back Blurb
Some girls like to throw caution into the wind, let fate take them where she wants them to be. But not Pyper Lexington. She’s all about the plan. Graduate college and own a successful business have been marked off the list. All that's left of her perfect little plan is marrying a man equal to her father in success and wealth. And of course, adding to that the 2.5 children and picket fence, every girl wants that—right?

But fate has other ideas and like the old saying goes, ‘the best-laid plans often go awry.’ In walks Rixton Andrews, a cocky bartender with a sexy, southern drawl. He makes his intentions clear after a night they both can’t forget. He wants Pyper – and he’s determined to make her want him too.

But can a man of Rixton’s status convince a princess like Pyper that he’s the man she’s been waiting for and that love can’t be planned? Will the secret Rixton’s keeping tear them apart? Or will Pyper’s need to please others make her deny what her heart really wants?

My Review:   4.5 Stars
I loved Pyper in Pretty Little Lies, she was the perfect best friend (even though she could be bought, but hey she was only doing it because she knew Luke was good for Olivia) and I was so excited that she got her own story. She is still the great best friend but now that she sees what Luke and Olivia have, she really wants it for herself. She knows exactly the kind of guy she needs to complete her plan in life and hot bartender Rixton is the perfect distraction while she finds Mister Right.

Rixton is hot, no lie, like crazy hot. He is a college friend of Luke’s and when he needs to move back to Chicago Luke has a job for him. Rixton is instantly attracted to Pyper and sees a lot of her since they are both helping with Luke and Olivia’s wedding as well as him working at Luke’s club. Rixton doesn’t necessarily like that Pyper doesn’t think he can be her forever sort of guy, but he aims to show her otherwise.

With Rixton’s secret and Pyper’s plan to find Mister Right, things get a little jumbled up, but in the right way. This book was great. Once I started it I had hard time putting it down. It has all the things I have come to expect from a Jennifer Miller book and it didn’t let me down. It has a bit of a cliffie (not as drastic as Pretty Little Lies though so breathe easy) but you will enjoy the journey there and while you are waiting (impatiently) for the next chapter you won’t be upset that you don’t know how everything ends.   

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